Silencers and noise-absorbing panels

Silencers are elements of the ventilation system that reduce the noise due to physical effects of absorption, resonance, interference or reflection. Interspersed in the air distribution system, they oppose noise transmission without blocking the air flow.

The silencers used in general ventilation are lamellar, with galvanized steel casing. The interior surface is made by mineral wool covered with fiberglass, in order to avoid surface damage by high speed air flow.

Using sound-absorbing solutions involves installing noise-absorbing panels. The panels create noise insulation to reduce the air-born noise inside spaces via sound absorption.

A galvanized metal sheet support system is used for the inter-space mounting of the noise-absorbing panels.

Test Reports and Approval Certificates

In addition to manufacturer certifications and authorizations, all industrial systems produced by RED - Royal Expert Design have test reports and approval certificates attesting their quality.