Racks systems for archive, warehouse and euro-pallets storage

We are manufacturers of modular racks systems made by galvanized metal or paint coated in electrostatic field.

The modular metal racks systems are very efficient in optimising and organizing the storage area. These storage systems are designed for different purposes, sizes and volumes. The shelves dimensions can be customized according to customer's needs.

Assembling of modular racks is fast and easy, without fasteners, only by snap-fitting. They are suitable for different purposes, including for pharmaceutical warehouses, libraries and museums.

Modular racks system for pallets storage provides solutions for palletized goods. The racks modules can be installed in series, on several levels and can be equipped with steps and walkways.

Test Reports and Approval Certificates

In addition to manufacturer certifications and authorizations, all shelves and racks systems produced by RED - Royal Expert Design have test reports and approval certificates attesting their quality.