MECANO HEAVY Cable Ladders

Cable Ladder Systems

Provide a quick and easy way to build metal structural ladders systems for electrical cables in energetical and mechanical installations and industrial buildings, under heavy duty conditions. Continuity is achieved through the straps mounted at the end of each component part of the route.

The route is created by combining several component parts (beams, horizontal and vertical bends, branches) with connection straps and fasteners. The systems do not require welding for installation.

The products are made of galvanized metal sheet of 275 gr / m², and upon request of 500 gr / m² according to STAS 10128.

Test Reports and Approval Certificates

In addition to manufacturer certifications and authorizations, all metal support structures used as components for our electrical installations have test reports and approval certificates attesting their quality.

    Romanian Railway Authority

    Test Report

    ICECON - Research Institute for Contruction Equipments and Technology

    Test Report

    Romanian Railway Authority

    Certificate for railway technical approval

    OICPE - Certification Independent Body for Electrical Products

    Conformity Certificate